Like a Coma Patient

Day 4,853, 17:53 Published in USA USA by citizenslave

I've been inactive for several years.

Since the last time I logged into this game, I had a child. I lovely little girl who turns four on Sunday. Last time I came back I had already been involved for a few years with the local affiliate of the Libertarian Party in my state, and I am currently engaged in a campaign to become the State Chair.

It was talking to someone else in the party that I mentioned my first experience with politics was in this game, in the context of the challenge of getting people active and engaged on the Discord Server we recently created for the party and the parallels to trying to get people onto IRC and the Forums when I was President of the Federalist Party. We still used IRC back then. Discord wasn't even a thing. This was in 2009 and just into 2010. It's interesting to see that my old articles are still here.

Anyway, now I have a mission to write an article with 25 unique comments. I'm pretty lost so far and have no idea how to play the game anymore. I rejoined the Feds, got on Discord, was recognized and had my forum account reactivated, joined up with Easy Company (which I was involved in starting back in the day when military units were exclusively part of the meta game and it was controversial to have a party militia separate from the national military structure), and did all the clicking I could with my energy situation as it is. I moved to the same town as the party president because why the hell not. I formed a holding company for the eight businesses I own because apparently that's a thing now. I took a job elsewhere because my USD reserves are low. Worked as a manager at one of my raw weapons material companies because I had an incomplete material in my inventory and that seemed as good a reason as any to pick that one.

I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing and have no strategy whatsoever for anything, but my inclination is to become a cog in the Federalist Party wheel. We were #6 when I first joined the game and broke into the top five during my tenure as VP or PP, I don't remember now which. I could brag more about my time in Federalist Party leadership but I don't know if the game runs similarly enough now to the way it did then that my accomplishments will make any sense to current players. Suffice it to say that if you weren't in the top five, you couldn't run candidates for Congress or President without changing into another party to run, so getting into the top five was pretty special.

Anyway, we'll see how long I stick around this time. Thanks for reading, if you are. Please leave me a comment so I can complete this mission at least. Maybe I'll do some trading on the Monetary Market and see if anyone pops up on the FP Discord to help me find some direction.