[MoFA] Update on the Irish War

Day 4,853, 04:56 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Citizens of the UK, and beyond,

The UK and Ireland have entered a period of limited war, after a flare-up in hostilities revolving around Northern Ireland. This aggravation led to a breach in an agreement signed two months ago by the two nations, however, it was rendered void by the Irish government. They sent the UK an ultimatum to negotiate a new settlement, however, after a day of discussion, the two sides couldn’t agree on a deal that was mutually beneficial for both the UK and Ireland. As a new deal was not agreed Irish attacked our core Wales, after South Africa had secured it, then moved to capture other cores.

The UK Government is still willing to negotiate and present a more acceptable deal to our Congress to ratify and find a new peace with Ireland, yet it must be accepted that this is a two-way street - we cannot offer concessions in return for very little. Any deal that is to be had will be kept if it is agreeable to UK citizens - our citizens are the ones we represent, and after all, we don’t wish to make a deal that is not wanted, nor trusted, for it will not be kept. We are interested in the longevity of a deal, not short-term gains or peace.

If Ireland continues military action in our regions including the occupation of our regions, the UK will be forced to take increased military action to counter this aggression by Ireland. However, our fighters are asked to engage in battles in battles in our regions including Northern Ireland. The UK has no desire to interfere with TWs in Irish regions or wider afield. However any nation engaging with TW with Ireland which involves UK regions are asked to contact the UK Government as these TWs may be interrupted as we retake our regions, it’s not our desire to interrupt TWs however unless you have got expressed permission from us to use our regions you can hopefully see this as reasonable. Ireland has no permission to offer TW agreements that involve UK regions at the moment.

We will attempt to fight the Irish as long as they continue this invasion, and until we can reach a point that we can have a deal that is suitable for all. A breakdown in relations with our closest neighbor, in such a tumultuous period in the eWorld, is not positive for anyone. We can achieve more if we work together, but this is not possible if there is not an understanding of shared interests between the two nations.

Frixios of the Clyde,

MoFA of the UK