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Day 4,852, 18:41 Published in USA USA by USA Department of Defense

Below you will find the complete training war map but here is the update! Parts of the training map are still getting into position but this should be the setup on the start of the 7th. Despite losing numerous training wars due to the Asteria bans it remains critical that the USA maintain training wars to disincentive invasions and provide for the national defense. We aimed to ensure that the next administration would be well positioned going into an otherwise troubling time.

Rotationals. For rotations the USA loses all direct battles but wins all resistance wars. Unless otherwise stated.
Bulgaria. Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.
Iran. Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois.(Also holds Michigan for strategic reasons)
Romania. Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi.
Poland. Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.
Moldova. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.(Also holds Alabama for strategic reasons)
Ukraine. Nevada, Arizona, Utah.

Ping Pong. For ping pongs each side will defend their own region.
USA wins Washington.
USA loses Oregon.

USA wins Alaska.
USA loses Hokkaido

USA wins Wyoming. (Also holds Colorado for strategic reasons)
USA loses Montana.

USA wins Washington DC.
USA loses Maryland

USA wins Alaska.
USA loses Far Eastern Russia.

South Korea.
USA wins Massachusetts.
USA loses Rhode Island.

USA win Virginia.
USA loses Asturias.

Taiwan (Real China).
USA wins Massachusetts
USA loses Connecticut.

South Africa.
USA wins New Hampshire.
USA loses Maine.

Saudi Arabia.
USA wins Al Madinah.
Saudi Arabia wins Tabuk (or w/e other core they ask us to attack).

USA wins Hawaii.
Philippines wins Visayas.

USA Department of Defense