Who am I ?

Day 4,852, 10:43 Published in North Korea Cyprus by Vincent Pain


I would like to introduce myself. I am Vincent Pain. I have been playing this game since 2010, I did quit for a few years. If I am not mistaken, those were the years 2016 to 2018. I am originally from Belgium but left Belgium because I did not agree with the undemocratic nature. The last coup committed by ATO was the last straw for me.

You can compare the ATO party with the Lazocrats in South Africa. The problem with ATO is that they use Belgium and its residents as their own personal cash cow. There is no respect whatsoever for its residents. They block any initiative that can bring progress and ignore their citizens. Which also causes many people to leave. Many old comrades are Edead or went to other places. ATO is just a bourgeois elite group.

Enough now about ATO. I am glad that I have been freed from them and that I should not care less about them. I have chosen to support ENorth Korea and help build and defend this special nation. I would like to hear from you what you are doing. Which programs are active. How your political and economic structure works. I am happy to answer all other questions.