Day 4,852, 08:14 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
2 years ago we started an adventure. Along the way more than 1000 people participated, engaged, competed and won more than 800 Power Packs in Erepublik. That adventure is called "POWER PACK CHALLENGE".

The 3rd year of existance finds the challenge pretty different than the moment it was launched but the prizes are still exciting and the competition still tough. (btw... do you remember the days when you had to send at least 15 Loots per month 🙂 ?)

This month we have 25 Power Packs and 5 Blitzkrieg Packs available.
Their "price" is still unchanged as you will need 20 Clops to get one Power Pack and 30 Clops to get a Blitzkrieg Pack.

Earn the Clops by engaging in the different competitions present troughout the month on Clopoyaur TV. All details are fully explained in this article:

No matter what... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting 11:00 Erep time on CLOPOYAUR TV



BONUS: Leave a comment with your best memory/moment from competiting in the PP Challenge and I will give a prize of 50.000 cc to the one I will consider the best.