The Filter Bug in Holding Companies

Day 4,852, 00:53 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

I have already submitted a ticket to support but this have been present ever since filters were introduced. So perhaps a piece of wood that we can add to the admins are to blame pile in this game.

I cant think that this have not been reported before.

Basically this shows how the bug works

1. You enter your holding company in this particular one I have about 70 Q1 Food factories and 181 FRM factories.

2. You select Q1 Filter it filters the factories correctly.

3. You select all from the combo box above the companies

This is the result:

if i click on work this is result

As you can see what the expected result should be is that 70 factories should be selected what the actual result is that 251 factories is selected.

Actually it does show 70 factories selected but it has selected my Q7 Weps factories which is in the same holding company and require wrm to complete the job.

Some times it does however keep on selecting 251 factories.

But after I have finished the work this is result

As you can see it decided to work in all Q level factories versus Q1 that was selected. Problem is in this particular holding company my WRM is balanced with my Q7 weps so I never have to gather wrm outside of the holding company.

If however I select raw material it will select all raw material not only WRM as needed.

So a big headache

Just to explore bug further i will get the wrm and return later to this article

Note though that you can in filtered mode select the filtered companies one by one:

Thereby completely nullifying the advantage that filter gives us.

I know I have said that actually the admins are not to blame for the deploy bug but they do tend to let bug fester and grow a personality of their own in the game.