[CP] Onwards We March!

Day 4,851, 14:40 Published in Ireland Ireland by Aras an Uachtarain

Dear Éire,

While we’re waiting for Admin’s decisions regarding our Fenoglioteam we’ve been taking steps in order to take control of our area. Apart from the usual internal things we’re dealing with we took some military actions as well. Our finances are growing faster every day and our military numbers are still pretty high regardless of the missing people and some packs. New congress elections took place a couple of days ago and it seems that another lineup of congressmen and congresswomen will have the final say in decisions the executive Government is making.

War on UK

As you probably noticed the UK has broken another Agreement we signed so a short military campaign took place. It’s not over yet and we’ll be looking to position ourselves in the UK mainland. Since we didn’t share any borders to the UK it was South Africa that did the attacks, they took Wales, West Midlands and South West of England, while we’re following them and taking what they already took. We took Wales and will stay here for now, until further notice. During the campaign in the West Midlands we faced a resistance by the Spanish air fighters that were successfully defeated. Spain has a concession signed with the UK, they’re taking the resources out of the two northeast regions of the UK and while we already informed them we have no plans to go that far up (and we can’t due to Bulgaria blocking us) they still fought against us. We had a meeting and most of the things we heard from them were threats which is weird since we didn’t even have any plans attacking them or messing with their concession. Either way, the meeting with Spainards ended in somewhat better light after one of their representatives has left the chat so there’s still some hope that our relations won’t escalate to something we don’t want right now.

In the meantime we held a meeting with the Brits too. Since their President is currently out of the reach we’ve been talking to their Government that was actually representing the Congress. I’m not really sure how things work internally in the UK, but that’s surely a slow process that makes any decision they make hard. They offered us a deal we couldn’t accept. We offered them a deal they’re discussing right now. Our main concern is the Northern Ireland region that is being used for our TW’s, as well as the region's safety and having an extra TW’s if possible. After the UK broke the Agreement I’m not much of an optimist about a new deal, but since it’s another small country (even smaller than us) I’m happy to hear what they have to say. If, by some miracle, they manage to tell us what they want and stick to it there will be no happier man than I am. However, the Irish interests are coming first in these negotiations.

Internal business and foreign affairs

This is my third term in a row and I’m very happy with the progress we’re making. If there were no bans we’d be progressing even fast. The thing that makes me happy the most is the activity by everyone including the Congressmen. Recently, an impeachment has been proposed on my request. After the balance has changed I wanted to check if the community still supports the path we’re taking. A path of neutrality and bilateral relations with each and every country. We’re members of Pacifica, a neutral alliance that has countries individually working on their relations with the other countries. We’re open for new friendships and we won’t hesitate to respond fiercely to provocations and threats. We didn’t bend over to Americans, Spainards or Romanian provocations during the last couple of months, we won’t bend over to anyone, regardless the side they’re coming from.

I’m very grateful to the understanding I got from the Congress and honoured to be able to represent this nation in global affairs. Same goes for my closest cabinet members such as Slua, Alfa, T0, Fenoglio and others. I’m going to run for another term, with the same team and the same goals - making progress in eIreland in the long term. Keep having TW’s, keep building on the ranks, keep bringing new people in. If the game didn’t go through the storm during the last couple of weeks I’m sure we’d have higher numbers by now already.

After three consecutive terms I don’t believe the candidacy article is needed, but if you’re really requesting one think of this as one.


Nerusia has been working hard in order to gain us the profits we much needed, he's been very successful so far, he has been reporting the financial state pretty often, more often than I ever did. He’s doing extremely good work and using all the changes in the markets.

Military affairs

We’re still organizing an Irish epic at least once a week. Usually it’s a low division epic, but lately we’ve been doing D4 epics too, in order to include everyone in the reward gaining scheme. For those that aren’t that experienced in the military aspect of the game, fighting in the epic battles at the beginning of the week enables you much higher energy refill, which can win you more medals, rank points and bars until the end of the week. Having those epics in eIreland means that our Legends can use their rank boosters and collect the money from TP medals. Organizing epics takes communication with the allies as well, so I’d like to take the chance to thank our Finnish friends for doing them with us. We’re getting better at them each time we do them.

Our D1 hitter Fenoglioteam is still banned, while our D3 hitter YoSoyT0 didn’t get an Infantry kit in order to protest Feno's ban. The rest of us didn’t use RL money to buy packs either and we don’t plan to do that unless Feno is unbanned. This entire situation makes it a bit harder for us to farm in the battles (collect BH gold from lower divisions) so our South African friends decided to help us with their hitters free of charge.

Foreign Affairs

Since the game balance will be decided after Plato removes the temporary bans, or make them permanent our alliance the future of eWorld is still pretty much unknown. Our alliance, Pacifica, took their usual ‘wait and see’ stance. I believe the Alliance should act much faster and active, but don’t mind them not doing so. They’re used to it and so far it proved good for their safety and probably bad for their activity. We’ll support our friends from Pacifica in whatever they decide. Until then, we’re acting as we did during the past few months. Keeping our friends close and working on building relations with those we didn’t have so far. Unless there’s a balanced, bipolar world where two alliances fight each other we really don’t have much motive to fight, unless we’re fighting for our friends when they need our help.

That’s all folks, new congress messages will be made soon (if there’s need for them). Make sure you follow the priorities posted on the national feed and see you on our Telegram channel, that’s where everything actually happens.

Much love,
Don Croata