Voots 4 President: Agenda

Day 4,851, 09:54 Published in USA USA by Herr Vootsman
My fellow Americans:
Here is a brief overview of some of my plans for the upcoming month. For those of you who don’t think that two pages is brief, the TLDR: Free tacos for everyone.

Foreign Policy:
We joined Apollo on December 1st, and became full members on February 1st. Although recent events have shifted the global balance in favor of CODE, I have no intention of begging them to let us back in. I am committed to Apollo, and while we may be knocked down and invaded, we are going to come back stronger. This is an opportunity to show the world that we are good allies.


(leaked footage of Pentagon MU advanced training)
For most players, the best way to contribute to the war effort is via air combat. Unlike ground combat, which has a strength component, your influence in air combat is only modified by your air raink. I will continue (and encourage) the Growth Incentive Military Program (GIMP) to help us grow our air force. In the event of invasion, my team will use everything at our disposal to defend our country. Fighting in the correct battle will be critical to our defense, and when necessary, Fly-by-priority instructions will be posted, with payouts given based on number of kills. This is a great way to earn money, and to direct your damage where it is needed most.

Training wars:
Training wars with our allies are both a source of Battle Hero medals, but also a component of our national defense. One of our resources is our large number of states, which we can use strategically for our defense. With our many factories concentrated in a handful of states, the remaining states can be used as buffers, to block enemy attacks or close out active wars.


The future Secretary of Education, Elaine of the Snowy Forest, along with What A Guyand PappasXXV are already hard at work developing a comprehensive curriculum, called the “Citizen’s Handbook”. When I last checked on their progress, they were already interviewing experts and parsing previous Department of Education articles. Expect regular articles and guides, geared to the new or returning player, but still pertinent and helpful to the average player (I’ve already learned a few things!)

National Co-Op: Full disclosure this is not a new idea, it is not even something I came up with. I am even stealing this text from someone else! This would be modeled on SFP’s Party Co-Op (created by Wilhelm Rontgen). This is an entirely different system than the old school communes that MUs (used to?) run – you do not have to change your employer or work for $1 in exchange for supplies.

Essentially, it is a system to collect and distribute pooled resources to (new) members so that they can buy in-game infrastructure. The end goal is that these players will become self-sufficient economically and will then be able to pay it forward by donating money back into the cooperative so that other players can be helped. Although distributions and donations will be tracked for transparency purposes, the distributed funds are not loans that need to be repaid.


As I have done for the last few years, I will continue to distribute money to players every day, via the Citizen’s Rebate of America Program (CRAP). The amount of this distribution is set by Congress during their monthly budget discussion. It is currently set at $750,000/week, and while there are arguments for both raising and lowering this amount, I think it is at a reasonable level. Instead of spending more of the government’s money, I would like to add external sponsors to help supplement this, and in exchange offer them naming rights.

I have appointed Derphoof to be secretary of fun. This will be a new department and I hope it will continue in the future. There is talk of some poker competitions, twitch steams, and of course eNPR will continue to be hosted.



I have instructed Wilker Nath to return to regular White House Press Releases. You’ll want to read these to stay informed regarding the various announcements, programs, and important battle orders.
After lengthy negotiations, chickensguys has agreed to curate the official anime repository for eUSA. I look forward to this projected. (editor’s note: Voots apparently just made this part up. There isn’t even an official anime repository.) Voots: “yet”)