Canadian lawlessness and impeachment process

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The Canadian president's request for deposition was rejected. Congress prevented Thedillpickl from going after investigations pointed to suspicions of illicit activity on the part of the trustee. The president denies involvement.

The process was initiated by Congressman Kippers, around 12:40 pm last Monday (01). For the withdrawal to take place, at least 66% of the votes in favor of the request would be necessary. The rejection was confirmed after the participation of 32 parliamentarians, with 65.6% of them favorable to the impeachment procedure, while another 11 (34.4% ) voted for the filing. Abstention reached 20%.

CNN spoke to * sources who said they had found evidence of the president's involvement in possible embezzlement of funds from the country's treasury. Also according to the source, investigations are underway to collect additional information. The report did not have access to the evidence.

For the president, it is a clear blame-free situation. "It will be clear that I have no complaints. It is foolish to consider any intention on my part. We must look for problems elsewhere." He also states that he is not alone and that he holds, along with other officers and advisers, funds from the Canadian government. In an ironic tone, he concluded : "Everyone knows how it works (emoji)".

The country has not issued an attempt against any incumbent president for more than 4 years. On May 18, 2017, at 2:46 am, Congressman Toreben initiated the request that would be rejected by 17 favorable votes against 14. At the time, the proposal was also denied when it did not reach approximately more than three-fifths of the votes.

*CNN guarantees the confidentiality of the source and will not mention, in this and other reports, his identity.

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