[Czech MoP] Weekly Tournament - Week 3!

Day 4,851, 03:52 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by Czech Ministry of Population

Dear citizens

We return this week and continue to distribute weapons to our colleagues.
We remember that the tournament is weekly and to know how to participate you must go to the article that I leave here. All prizes are manufactured and purchased with rental payment from the Polish government for the occupied regions.
Some prizes were donated by their winners to other positions.

our first article

Week 3Winners.
Division 1
1º Garciella - 12 Q7
2º FalconG - 8 Q7

Division 2
1º eltoki - 25 Q7
2º Eddie Larton - 15 Q7
3º Thomas Gorzkiewski - 10 Q7

Division 3
1º GerardoNT - 30 Q7
2º Jan 007 - 25 Q7

Division 4
1º Nikolay Romanov SRB HN - 45 Q7
2º fwdre - 35 Q7
3º FEDE514- 20Q7

1º Member of MayDay - 20 Q5
2º Michalov z Moravy - 15 Q5
3º Nikolay Romanov SRB HN - 10Q5

We will continue to strive to make the country grow.

Minister of Population- Czech Republic

Country President - Czech Republic