[Czech MoE] Quiz, prizes, cultural entertainment

Day 4,850, 17:39 Published in Czech Republic Slovakia by Czech Ministry of Education

Hello fellow citizens!

We come to you for some entertainment.
We will raffle the players who have given the correct answers to 6 questions, to come up with 3 winners.


1st place: 25 q5 missiles
2nd place: 100 q7 weapons
3rd place: 10 golds


Answer the question, in order, in the comments, below.
Wrong or troll answers will be disqualified.

1. From this list, what countries have no border with the real life Czech Republic?
Hungary.-Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Germany

2. What name had the ancient Czech State back in the IX century?

3. What year the Czechoslovakia Republika was created?

4. What is the type of government of the current RL Czech Republic?

5. What are the 2 most popular drinks in the Czeck Republic?

6. Name 3 popular historical places from the Czech Republic?


All eRepublikans can participate
The game ends on the 5 March, erep day 4854

Czech Republic CP