[eRomperblik] Romper here - Romper there - Romper everywhere ;)

Day 4,850, 16:08 Published in Croatia Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eRepublikans,

Today I really had so many laughs on this social network with elements of the game 😃

So I would like to remember this day.. and put some screenshots..

And I am sorry for most of you who don't understand Balkan Mordor, cos some of these nicknames are just hilarious..

I am too sleepy now, so just will publish this article with few pics.. tomorrow I will update with more 😉


Something strange got into eCroats (some force, more or less known to many), and lots of creativity exploded on our eFriends walls..

@Romper sa Sjekirom mi trenutno definitivno winner..
Romper with an axe
Rompers cincilator.. is not translatable 🙂

In this shout - Rompers book keeper, Rompers business partner, Rompers doctor, Rompers nephew, his aunt from Tax office, his misstres, nutritionist and his technician are talking 😃

There are many more shouts.. and I hope to add all of you I still don't have on my list.. cos this was one of the most fun and laughs nights I had here on eRep 😃

And here.. I only changed few.. to follow the path.. as it seems.. Romperization is futile.. We shall all be Romperized 😃

Yours truly,
Laughing my fluffy tail off,
Romper of Caerbannog