[MoD] UK Update - Back to the Grind

Day 4,850, 13:07 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

Back to the battlefields we trudge as the clock wears down on our self imposed break from 'total warfare'.

It's not a normal return as with the cooling of passions and limited discussions with the UK we are now engaged in a limited war.

What that means is 'beware the red line.

The UK to not much shock and surprise broke the agreement they had with us BUT there's absolutely no godly reason why that should concern or bother the other nations that have a stake in the daily goings on in the land of our very special cousins.

Romania and Bulgaria are holding TW's in regions as defined by the (rather dated) UK MoD orders, Lithuania is sitting in Scotland enjoying the bracing weather, shortbread, Irn Bru and heroin and Spain has 100% food and Weps bonuses from Newcastle and Leeds that not only benefit them but hundreds of players from around the world who depend on Spanish production for not only sales but also use on the battlefield.

So whilst there will be an update on orders tomorrow as per usual we do ask the Irish players perhaps refrain from starting any bother with other nations who's interest lay beyond that red line.

This also applies to UK's presence in Ukraine which should likewise not be messed with as Ukraine has done nothing apart from provide the world with some very find brides and pornstars for which I'm sure we are all grateful.

Latest news is that an agreement might of been formed in principal so whilst it'll probably take a day or two to be reviewed and ratified don't go nuts.