Hate the player dont hate the game

Day 4,850, 01:57 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Im referring to severrus eloquent words that the main culprit in this matter is the admins.

First lets differentiate the first bans which included fenoglioteam seems to have a lot of innocent casualties. the second one as well.

but if there was such a bug 🙁 i have not seen actual screenshots)
i dont agree with that? even if admins knew even if they called in all of these tanks and told them here is a bug or easter egg available to you. it was still up to anyone in that list to

1. decline to use the bug
2, make this public
3. inform the other side that hey admins are screwing you over. stop tanking we have a bug.

i secondly dont agree this will be disastrous as you claim. these have been the accounts that have used very tool at their disposal

1. to win tons of bh' medals at the loss to other account. that have scripts that make them hit first so they can just crush any normal players' score
2. that have made the daily 100 list impossible to achieve by using scripts that always allowed them to score massive scores.
3. that has not given a dime about other accounts and have pushed all prices down so that factory owners never even came close to their income.
4. that have nullified the opportunity for factory owners to make good money during events by buying in bulk privately before each event.
5. that have wiped smaller countries just because they could ..
6. generally have tried every cheat in the erepublik book including multies etc etc.
7. have made the weekly top 100 impossible by having scripts run all day fighting.
8. have not contrbuted a cent to the game in months/years

these are not our friends and comrades their just cheats and deserve to be removed from the game

this will allow normal players that grind to occasionally with a good total
1. reach the top 100
2. occasionally win a campaign medal
3. make decent money during events
4. occasionally win a air battle
5. occasionally win a battle hero medal
6. occasionally reach the top 100 in the weekly challenge.
7. teach new players to grind versus cheat.

When I started this game my 1 objective was never to cheat and never to use any scripts . To grind every day until my account is the strongest in some elements. I have always said NO when tempted with any illegal activity in game.

I dont care if these accounts return to the game and play a honest game. but doubt they will ever play a honest game.