Day 4,849, 23:28 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Noveras

Assalamualaikum and salam 1eMalaysia.

On 23:46, day 4846, in eMalaysia rumors began spreading about eThai are massing their armies between the eThai and eMalaysia border.eMalaysia started to send spy drones into eThai territories to verify the rumors.

This drone footage confirmed the rumors and without a doubt eMalaysia is facing immanent and an unprovoked invasion from eThai but this intel come too little too late as 4 hours after eMalaysia verified the rumor, eThai lunched a sudden attack on the peninsular of eMalaysia.

The attack was so sudden that eMalaysia was not able to prepared its defenses. Due to training wars with ePoland, most of eMalaysia forces are stationed in eSarawak and what little forces eMalaysia have on the border was annihilated one by one by the juggernaut of the eThai army and as panic spread among the population, no proper resistance was able to be amount against the eThai army.

It was only after 6 hours since the unprovoked invasion began that eMalaysia started to put up proper resistance against eThai forces but by this time it was too little too late as the momentum of the eThai army can no longer be stopped.

To cut further losses, what remains of the shattered eMalaysia army in the ePeninsular made a hasty retreat into allied territory of eSingapore before being shipped out to eSarawak. It was a great relived that the eThai juggernaut finally stopped their pursuit on the eSingapore border.

It was a crushing defeats for eMalaysia but there's a silver lining of all this disaster. Due to majority of eMalaysia forces are in eSarawak, the bulk of the army was saved from destruction of the initial surprised attacked from eThai. The brave sacrifices of the delaying action by those in ePeninsular have ensured that there are enough time for eMalaysia forces in eSarawak to set up their defenses for a great last stand.

I don't know about you guys, but I am ready and eThai, we are waiting for you at eSarawak. COME AND GET US IF YOU CAN!!!