Day 4,849, 14:28 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

Dear Patriots,

Recently, I celebrated a birthday. Yes, old man turned 30. I wished to thank everyone who either wished me a Happy Birthday or at the very least let this one go without any fanfares.

Sadly, there were multiple players who could not, would not and did not behave like a mature adults in order to let a man have a very Happy Birthday. They shall change their ways truthfully. It is kind of sad to see.

Everyone knows as to whom I am thanking and whom I am suggesting they change their ways. Lets be clear, there are more than one players who are not mature enough to wish a political rival a Happy Birthday though only one goes to the dirties of extent to mock the Birthday man. The only thing he did though is expose the person that he is. I wont name any names because I am not an immature child as they clearly are.

Thank you,