[MoD] UK Update - 24 hour Ceasefire

Day 4,849, 12:57 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

Hello everyone!

After the unhappy events of Yesterday when the United Kingdom reignited hostilities by reneging on their commitments we have a small update for you.

The previous ceasefire lines were crossed at 0106H and we waited over 12 hours until the end of Round 7 at 1350H to see what the United Kingdom would do.

We then engaged and reeled off 88 consecutive points to take the battle from a losing position of 21-56 to a winning total of 109-56

This leaves us once again at loggerheads with our nearest neighbours and as there seems to be a great degree of anarchy going on at the moment in that nation, Ireland has issued a unilateral ceasefire to it's troops for a period of 24 hours to enable the UK to sort itself out and present its position without having to fear further losses.

This means that Irish fighters should not;

1. Fight for Romania, Bulgaria or Ukraine against the UK in such a manner then it may cost the UK regions it currently holds

2. Seek to start a RW in Scotland or any other region UK currently owns

3. Attempt to interfere in any RW attempt by the UK outside the region of Northern Ireland

The Irish Government further forswears launching an Airstrike proposal on the UK during the period of this ceasefire.

This Ceasefire is in effect until 1300H Erepublik time on Day 4,850