Don't hate the player, hate the game [Severrus]

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Man, its been such a long time.. 727 days since my last article actually, wow (the one with Nazgul, remember? 😛 )
*not considering my recent article which was just of humanitarian nature.

how are you guys?

Anyways, I was waiting a while for all this mess to cool off, so i can give my thoughts on the matter. Today i saw that some of the accounts in those lists got permanent bans. Sad to see some of them were actually my friends.
Nonetheless, the others that are awaiting verdict at this moment are mainly big tanks from D4 (even though I saw some people get perma bans that I considered big tankers from D2 and D3 like NENODS, magtherid0n or Dr.Panda). I guess they are the collateral damage.

But what about the others?

So, from whatever intelligence I gathered these days, it appears this is a very complex situation, but I hope my point of view can help straighten that out. I'll try to be as short as possible, to keep your focus on what matters, and mainly because I've been 2clicking for too long in order to have a solid statement.

This bug everyone's talking about, it's strange isn't it?
While I strongly condemn and DO NOT APPROVE the abuse of exploits or bugs in one's advantage over the other, I can't help wonder that this is all too strange to dismiss.

Are we to believe that Admins really had no idea of what's going on in their game and with an exploit of this size? I mean, I have a friend that's a 2 clicker also, and even he noticed suspicious ammounts of tanking from certain non gold buyer players. Admins couldn't? Or didn't want to see that? It appears they turned blind eyes to the situation.

From certain statements I've seen, Admins were told, or insinuated about suspicious activity (or simply put, this bug). From both sides. And I very strongly believe they were 100% aware of this exploit. Its just that, at the time it wasn't the perfect timing to do something about it, because lets face it, apparently some players from Asteria/Hydra were getting basically free tanking, while the other opposing side had to do, guess what? Spend euros and euros in order to nullify that extra (artificial) damage. This means more income for the Admins.

Now, imagine you are the Admins. You own a slowly rotting game, and then this happens; the losing side finally wakes up, gathers tons of accounts and invests loads of real euros in them, in order to finally gain the upper hand and win. But, like with any man, greed is a bad thing.

With all my heart I do believe Admins knowingly allowed this bug in order to drain more Euros from Code players and their buyers. Period. I just hope you guys will be wise enough and stop "investing" in this game after all this.

I have used the deploy option hundreds of times and not even once I encountered this free tanking option (with activated boosters, accelerators and all that stuff). On the other hand, all these accounts that are under investigation are all known tankers, so I cant help wonder that they were "the chosen ones" to receive (read "discover") this bug.
I have to be objective and thus ask this question, surely there were people from Code or any opponent alliance that used the deployment option in this whole time period. And none, not a single one of them "discovered" this bug?

Once again, I strongly condemn and DO NOT APPROVE the abuse of exploits or bugs in one's advantage over the other, and I do hope Admins will consider all factors when deciding their fate.

Should they decide do so, perma banning this many accounts, many of which are the strongest accounts in several countries, and in the world, would have catastrophic consequences, but that's not the point of this article.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't hate the players, hate the game for allowing this.

In the end Admins, its your fault. I hope everyone realises this.

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Should this be my last act in eRep for whatever reasons (maybe because of writing this article lol) I've always wanted to go with this:

"However history remembers me, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth."

Best regards,
Severrus Snape