Pokemon: Games I'm looking forward to

Day 4,848, 20:07 Published in Canada Canada by Mann551

Having grown up with Hoenn, the Sinnoh region is my second favourite pokemon region of all of them. 4th generation holds the silver medal for my favourite generation of pokemon, after 3rd generation and Hoenn region.

As such, I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I saw that they were releasing the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the pokemon video games that introduced the 4th generation of pokemon, and allowed us to explore the sinnoh region!


Add to that excitement, I find out they are making a new game that takes the pokemon franchise in a brand new direction with an open world, based largely on the Sinnoh Region.


Both of these games look like they will be pretty good, and I am looking forward to what I assume will be November and February releases of these games!