[MoFA] Urgent: Regarding the Belfast Question

Day 4,848, 08:55 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frixios of the Clyde

Dear all,

Last night it was noted that support for a Resistance War in Northern Ireland was close to starting a war. This was noted by members of the eUK Government and in the eIrish government. There had been a plan to discuss the future of Northern Ireland in this current congress. However, the RW was triggered prior to the start of the new term, and no such discussion had taken place. So over the course of the night, two more people supported the RW and there is now a battle for Belfast. However, this move was NOT supported by the eUK government (I know I ended up hitting for the eUK in this battle but that was due not understanding the full extent of the treaty/believing it had already been broken).

There had been attempts to communicate with the Irish government prior to the start of the RW but with little or no success.

However, due to the belief amongst Ireland and it's ally South Africa that Bushmill agreement has been breached, we face a proposal of the eUK as South Africa's Natural Enemy. This means we should expect retaliation for our supposed breach of the NAP. I aim to ensure this does not happen, however other avenues to prevent war are being sought.

Many thanks,

Frixios of the Clyde

MoFA of the eUK