campaigning for party endorsements for CP ballot

Day 4,848, 06:21 Published in USA USA by Trite of the northern Penguins

My activity is in the game itself, commenting on shouts and articles not off-site forums or whatever the latest internet gimmick is. I do not have cabinet lined up nor a grand strategy beyond changing the course of our nations foreign affairs. I have nothing against any single country's community, except for the one I am in. We (the eUS) are plagued by what is openly acknowledged, account swapping to mask a multi fraud scheme and those responsible are held from us. And those holding the incriminating info gathered through our own government programs, choose not to release info and are awarded cabinet positions in ensuing admins.

Enough of the revolving accounts and country admins., let us (the eUS) help the game's admins clean up the game they themselves seemly love to hate as much as those that HAVE to cheat, love to hate.

So what would or could your party's endorsement do, if the system is rigged with the swapping multi account scheme to elect country admins to keep the system in place? It would be start of dumping Goort's policy of insulting everyone at every turn. Also the worn out policies of Wild Owl, see the one I just wrote about Groot, and the quitter mentality of thinking if we suck up enough we could become winners ...

I like debates and intercourse but of course it takes active players for such to happen. Look at the leaders and those that claim they want to be such, see how much activity they share in articles, comments or shouts.

My personal goal of making a CP ballot has been met, finally many years later. Despite much activity and broken promises. It is not for a shiny medal I do this but because I care about OUR (the eUS) community. I do not a well financed coalition behind me nor a bot script schemer.

Consider GET GROOT GONE and endorse Trite for CP