[SFPOM] The Dis-United States of America

Day 4,847, 16:11 Published in USA USA by Wilhelm Rontgen


There will never be unity in our eRepublic.

To anyone who hasn't already noticed there are many vultures in disguise who attempt to make calls for unity, an absolutely futile endeavor.

Obviously these calls miss the reality of the state of our politics.

The rivalries run to deep. The grudges have been held for years. The fighting amongst our parties has always been rampant. To make a call for unity is to regurgitate the same tired old rhetoric many establishmentarians have espoused since before my time, and according to others, much longer than that.

Forget it.

WTP hates the FEDS, hates the SFP, Tolerates the USWP, and works with BSP when they consider them useful.

The FEDS engage in a transactional quid-pro-quo Coalition with the SFP only when we can be a useful voting bloc, In general works against and at best tolerates WTP, Loves the USWP, And pretty much disregards BSP.

BSP considers themselves some kind of oppressed outcast group and isn't really interested or capable of maintaining long term coalitions with any party but somewhat works with WTP. They consider the FEDS, USWP, and the SFP as establishment parties.

USWP flip flops constantly and is generally divided into a pro-FED-SFP coalition Bloc and a Pro-WTP bloc and as such is incapable of being an effective voting bloc for either side of that divide. Views on BSP in this party seems to be pretty divided as well.

And lastly the SFP lacks the activity and organization to be a meaningful voting bloc, capitulates to the FEDS anytime a candidate from the FEDS with even a chance of winning steps up, has for a long time forgotten it's attempt to work and unify with BSP, Hates WTP with a burning passion, and consistently fails to find ally ship with USWP for a multitude of reasons.

If you disagree with this analysis that's fine, tell me why. Unless of course you disagree with me that unity is impossible -Don't even try you just look foolish-

Accept the reality. Stop whining. Build something meaningful with what you got and recognize that the two largest parties were built on account-sharing and multi-usage.

Keep the rivalries, that's what makes this game fun. And absolutely mock, ridicule, and humiliate these right wing and centrist fools who consistently see you as a political convenience, and down right wish ill upon you in their eSmoke filled back rooms.

I said what I said and I'm not sorry.

And yes before you start pointing fingers I'm guilty of the same behavior I have just called out, and though that does make me a hypocrite I had my reasons for doing it that are not worth sharing at this time.

Anyway, stop being so afraid of division and embrace it. The Feds will never win another CP election as long as WTP runs viable candidates, neither will the SFP short of a miracle.

lastly, just try to have some damn fun please. Make of this game what you can but don't let anyone take the fun out of it because if you do that there's not even a point in playing.

SFP Party President/Chairman ~Wilhelm Rontgen~