Sponsored Weekly Haiku Contest: Haikus At Dawn

Day 4,847, 06:31 Published in USA USA by Elaine of the Snowy Forest

Hello to my friends and enemies,

This week's contest is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President of the e-United States: More Haikus! I will send out food to every response from an eUSA citizen on Monday, with a 5-gold reward for the haiku with the most votes! And of course, I keep some extra goodies on hand for Haikus I'm particularly fond of. I encourage y'all to do the same 🙂

As a reminder, a haiku is a short poem that can be about anything (but is traditionally about nature). It consists of 3 lines, where the first and last lines contain 5 syllables, and the middle line contains 7.

Looking forward to all of your wonderful poetry, and as always I'll start us off:

Hope is Like Lightning
A Struggle Renewed Each Day
Wielding Strength Through Pain

Elaine of the Snowy Forest