Voots 4 President

Day 4,847, 04:45 Published in USA USA by Herr Vootsman

My fellow Americans:

I am proud (and horny) to announce my candidacy for the Office of President.
I have been working on these campaign plans for the last few months. With the help of Thee Dude and Stormin EwokJedi, I have assembled an amazing cabinet filled with both established leaders and rising stars, providing both experience and new ideas. While I had hoped that the upcoming month would be stable and prosperous, recent changes in the global power balance bring the very real threat of invasion. In either scenario, this administration will be hard at work to protect and strengthen eUSA.

Many of you may know me from my work with domestic programs. I have always been a reliable worker, sending out food or money, day in and day out. I have been active in the cabinets of most (if not all?) the administrations of the last few years and know how to work with the various factions and parties.

While I have many ideas about new domestic programs, I want to focus my agenda on promoting unity. If we do find ourselves under attack again, we will all need to work together as a country, not just as a party or military unit. Accordingly, the top 6 parties will all be represented in my cabinet.

Vice President

Stormin EwokJedi

Chief of Staff

Thee Dude

Secretary of Defense


Minister of Foreign Affairs


Department of Interior

svs1109 and Kobble

Secretary of Education

Elaine of the Snowy Forest

Media Director

Wilker Nath

Secretary of Fun




While I do have a variety of deputies already selected, if you are interested in working, please let myself or Thee Dude know. No experience necessary, just good attitude and participation.