Guilty Again

Day 4,846, 08:03 Published in USA USA by Trite of the northern Penguins

the phone rang
boss wife's #
hello I barked
it was boss

That slight wasn't nothing unfortunately in my repertoire, earlier unloading a trunk handling a large miniature replica of a peculiar boat I allowed aloud; hey - boss wife - look a boat built for you

I was being mean but gathered much laughter and she was kind enough not to hear (I have my doubts), and after months of mutual separation I am working on a more interesting approach. I am too old to be interested in humping furniture for them, I am after the junk they toss for the lack of coordination, working as a employed contractor (actually the offer to rent a truck that the boss knows is no bluff did it). This ties directly to this game, the tension pulling against the patience needed for me to secure a pleasant spring of gainful activity is finally coming together.

this is the most crucial endeavor our Confress needs to address the soonest

"The Road Back" Erich Maria Remarque. I can barely read it, every movement through out the novel being so poignant, I stop and contemplate ...

post war Germany, the profiteers that is what I feel like I am part of uncomfortably, the opportunity is not with out physical sacrifice and persistent pursuit, the boss is so flush in this economy he could just as easy pass it (more junk) on by. Boss called to confirm we are moving forward on my proposal to work that more junk.

the best times, oddly enough where Sunday mornings religious classes with my father as the teacher, a very liberal congregation that we will not name and ergo libel by association. I do not give away my rights within this game to identify with the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught to me.