Spartacus Belgica - Our Current Situation

Day 4,846, 07:09 Published in Belgium Cyprus by Vincent Pain

What is democracy? It has something to do with people killing eachother.

A good week ago we started a conversation with the aim of getting the Belgian congress back on track. Now a week later we see that some ATO members do want to talk. For the time being, none of the HOPE members could be seen in the eCongress on discord.

As we might expect, it will take a long time to achieve democratization. But we are convinced that those who want it will take the reins. Only then can we get the negativity and toxicity out of our Belgium.

Our government was also asked to create a separate discord channel for each minister. This is to obtain more direct and accurate information and better cooperation between the minister and his cabinet and the congress members. For the time being we did not receive an answer there either. Business is very difficult ... everything is stuck. But we will have to keep working on getting a well-oiled machine back.

do you want to help us. Then definitely vote for spartacus Belgica ... and join us.