[eRep] What are the standards eHere?

Day 4,845, 16:44 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eWorld,

I have to ask you something after being shocked how one comment from player A (which was not insulting imho and I didn't see anything bad in it) was removed in FEW SECONDS from my shout.. and another one, from a player B, where I was personally insulted more than 3h ago, and reported it for vulgarity and insults, is still there..

Question for GIRLS

How often happens to you that you are being insulted or vulgarity is used, on your eFriends wall, on Party or MU wall, even eCountry wall?

How often do you report those kinds of comments or shouts?

And how many of them are removed after report?

How long it takes usually?

Question for BOYS

When you use this kind of communication towards female gender here in the game, do you ever think who is behind that nickname?

Would you like the words that you used are something that some of your dear female persons in RL read or hears? (so your mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, sister..)

Do you think those ladies in your lives would also like to know that you are using this kind of communication? Or maybe for you internet is a way to express your other self, and you are not talking like this in RL?

Question for eRepublik SUPPORT

Which standards and priorities you have when you take a ticket / report?

Insults and vulgarity are how big of the priority exactly?
And which drop-down options have bigger priority when we report some comment or shout or article?

Is a genuine question, as next time I will use some other category, which has a bigger priority to be addressed to.. in a few seconds or minutes, and not hours or days.. or NEVER..

UPDATE: Some answers can be read in this shout..


I wanted to write today about Pink T-shirt day.. But then this happened.. and actually is related in some way..

So for all who desire to know more about the PINK T-shirt day, click it

Thank you all for your comments in advance..

Yours truly,
Trying to find some logic eHere and very surprised by some actions or no-actions at all,
Rabbit of Caerbannog / Iva_pozitiva