Revolt, Insurrection, Insanity

Day 4,845, 07:45 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by FuriousKitten
Apparently there's been something of an exodus.

And as Moses probably said : "Don't join a dead server."
But I think he might have been wrong on that one, since a dead server is exactly the same as any other server, just with less stuff in it. So it falls to us to bring it back to life.

I've noticed some contempt brewing.

Is it just me or are the server admins not very popular around here? I mean, we've all been at the mercy of a power tripping admin before, but is it really so bad that a huge amount of players felt the need to leave? Of course, from what I've heard, not all of them were necessarily given that choice.
From what I understand, players used an exploit to increase their damage output in wars, and this prompted a large scale ban. But shouldn't it be the job of admins to fix exploits rather than punish those who find them?

This is probably a complex issue.

I'm trying to figure this game out, and it seems to me that there's an emphasis on war in this one compared to other games of this sort. I'll probably write a retrospective on E-Sim at some point. Either way, some explanation and demystification would be much appreciated. Also, can we just talk for a second about how weird the UI scaling of this website is? Like fuck, I need a pair of glasses for some of this stuff.