Break the cycle!

Day 4,844, 23:29 Published in Turkey Turkey by MightAndMagic

Almost one and half year ago, we started a boycott. eWorld changed within a few months completely. Ultimate CODE domination faded away. Asteria invaded almost every CODE country, recruited their ranks, farmed thousands of golds. Basically they did exactly what CODE did while dominating.

The opposite will happen now. CODE will rule within a very short time, will recruit their ranks, will farm lots of golds and yes, USA will change side once again 😃

On the other hand, Pacifica will keep being even more of a fat cow. Their "huge stocks" will keep being a problem for both alliances. And even when a side totally dominates the eWorld, they won't have the guts to attack a Pacifica country to keep their domination last longer. Everyone will avoid them and let them overlord even the dominating alliance...

ASTERIA, CODE and the pro alliances! It's time to leave your mutual hate aside. It's time to find a common ground. It's time to have a common objective!

Make truce between each other!
Attack Pacifica together!
Destroy them!
Enslave them!
Show them their place in the eworld!
Be smart,

Break the cycle!