A New Player Arrives

Day 4,844, 17:34 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by FuriousKitten
This place seems interesting.
That is what I told myself the moment I found this site, having encountered others like it in the past. I played on E-Sim a few years ago but that game is dead now, so probably not worth talking about.

I'm here for politics.
I tend to have a talent for stirring the pot, for better or for worse. Either way I'm pretty opinionated so this seems like a perfect setting for that. However, I am not yet familiar with the site's systems or up to date on current affairs. Once that's sorted out though, you will definitely be hearing a lot from this publication.

The Socialist Journal
The Socialist Journal will make utmost effort to be contentious, scathing, and interesting. It will publish news articles, essays, and futile attempts to stir political drama to entertain folks. I hope you enjoy.