30 days since my last post

Day 4,844, 15:29 Published in USA USA by DannieKatt

So I have played mostly everyday for the past 30 days. Why so much drama? I am more the type to ignore drama but man cant we all just get along?

I am still no master at the game but I am figuring things out. I really wish I could train up my aircraft attacks. Maybe there is a way and I am just not seeing it? Either way I am happy clicking along.

I figured out what to do with my business but man 10 gold a day limit is pretty brutal lol I am planning on eventually hiring someone too but I am not sure I am ready for that headache (Or appears to be a headache anyway haha)

I am also starting slowly to figure out the forums of the game. Kind of wish the game would provide said forums with all this having to make accounts for this or that. Either way happy to say I still haven't been apart of anyone else's drama.

Now for my two cents (if its even worth that much haha) I am still not 100% sure I am into this game as my state is always gone 😢 and as I type this the state I chose as a replacement is under attack and I think we are losing. I really dislike that I cant just set up shop anywhere and still be able to work. I mean its pretty rawr my only option is to apparently go to a safe state and set up shop if I want to be productive every day. I miss you Colorado and you will always be in my heart. Anyway just figured I would give an update on how I am doing being a new oldie back again and trying haha.