Circling back to the circus

Day 4,844, 06:12 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Lets recap the weekend

1. normal players gets banned for hitting multiple times in Division 1 battles. Unanswered - is it legal to open multiple tabs load deploy in them and cycle through them with keyboard shortcuts to make multiple hits.

2. Some players troll about an apparent exploit they discovered and exploited for 4 months until problem got fixed. we all know some of these players are jesters but ok.

just quick question to mods

1. if you refer to vague paragraphs in tos . how is the "offender " supposed to know exactly what he did. (in other words why do you perma ban a player on a charge sheet with no concrete facts)?

2 if you perma ban him how is he supposed to gather evidence to prepare his appeal? for example if you say he used a script to provide a hit in battle n and he did it because some maverick offered 500 cc for a division 1 hit,. if this is ingame how can he gather and present the evidence.

ok you can circle back and provide us with a good response to questions 1 and 2 . thanks krakken none script user and mould broken after i was eCreated.