KonstantinBeJluku -collateral damage, or justified ban ?

Day 4,844, 02:38 Published in Switzerland Serbia by Black.Hole.

I will be very short.
I am not writing this article to defend all recently banned accounts. You can find a list here:


I am here to talk only about Konstantin BeJluku.
There are some reasons for me doing this.

1. My objective opinion is that he doesn’t belong with this group of people ;
2. I personally was witness that Konstantin BeJluku was active RL human, he was 1 of the most active players in community, and I am sure there is a big amount of players that can confirm this. And that he didn’t use auto farm or auto hit scripts
I sent public message to Konstantin BeJluku , asked him for some words, so bellow I’m sharing with you my question, and his response.

Okay. 2 more things

1. I will update this article when Konstantin BeJluku gets response for his appeal. I will add SS of his appeal, and answer of administration, if his ban stays ;

2. I would rly like this article to avoid useless spam. Everyone is free to say their opinion in comments, just make sure you don’t spam. And also, I would like everyone who read this article, to leave a comment with numbers 1 or 2 or 3.

1 = Lift perm ban
2 = Leave perm ban
3 = Lift perm ban but punish differently

After the whole procedure, and after updates, I will count every unique comment, and share results.
And remember,
Community is 90% , administration is 10%
Best regards,