ePause Look and the Reflection

Day 4,843, 19:02 Published in USA USA by Trite of the northern Penguins

What a wonderful few days to take a pause and gather someones thoughts. Repackaging the comfortable troll garb, into more of a pro-active campaigner for player involvement in the process to replace the repressive bot script system that has been our political existence for far too trolling long. Dumping the baggage that was the KnapGnil circle-jerk invite and jamboree, moving forward in a Party that has never wavered in it's commitment to the same principles I would like to hold as well. Playing with the health of the game's community held before petty spiteful vindictive skullduggery intercourse with those bot script scheme scammers when taking the silly jabs to e-personally.

flying over the horizon
searching for what was lost
the reflective gold
gleamed through the ruins

I totally got distracted on my space saga by the concept of the image above, a story of betrayal. Building a defense system brilliant in every regard, neglecting everything to the that monument of excess. of course in fact nothing but a tool to destroy the very community hoodwinked while playing whether along or not ...