[MoFA] An Update on the Current eWorld situation

Day 4,843, 07:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frixios of the Clyde

Hello all,

Recently, if you were not aware, there has been a shift in the state of the eWorld. Last month, the admins announced they were banning those who had been using third-party scripts in the game. This led to a number of high-damage citizens of countries being banned. Then recently, an exploit that had been used by hitters in countries such as eSerbia, eItaly and others, had been discovered, leading to another wave of bannings. However, other countries have been implicated and involved in this.

These bannings and the banning of third-party scripts has led to an exodus of players leaving the game - Italy and the UAE as examples of this. There are articles by the Italian dictator and Serbian CP that explore this:



An article with a list of banned players is here:


and an article the discusses the exploit here (important to remember that these may have biases so we cannot take them at full value! (history degree coming in useful here huh))


Not only has this led to a collapse in the eUK's Training Wars, as can be seen with Italy no longer on our shores, and the UAE having one region left. Furthermore, on an international level, the previously dominant alliance Asteria has lost a lot of power due to members of the alliance being implicated in the fallout. This means that whilst at the moment, there is a lot of chaos when the dust settles it is likely that there will be a new alliance on the top. CODE, will likely be more dominant. The eUK was officialy neutral prior to this, however, we had been largely working with Asteria with TW's, so this changes our position in the eWorld. However, at the moment, we are and will remain neutral until we see fit to change that.

The upcoming congress will be hugely important to planning the way forward for the eUK, and thus, we need to be sure we all vote and make sure the representation in congress will be able to make the right decisions for the future.

Many thanks,

Frixios of the Clyde

Minister of Foreign Affairs