Coming Full Circle

Day 4,842, 15:13 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Coming Full Circle.
As many of you have heard in the shout feed over the past week the Admins have targeted Asteria hit bots. For those who don't know hit bots are simply accounts that provide base damage in lower divisions. Moldova, Lithuania, Italy, UAE, Serbia, and others have had their hit bots banned. This has led to a mass exodus of players who feel the rules around hit bots are not being applied evenly to Asteria and Code. Hardships are compounded by Serbian infighting and those swearing to boycott future packs.

At the beginning of 2020 hit bots were basically ignored and every alliance from Pacifica, Orion, Asteria to Apollo had them. In fact virtually anyone could go on Telegram and ask for hits. However, today it does feel as if the Admins are focusing on Asteria specifically. Whether it is an attempt to balance the game or just enforce the rules; it remains unclear. But the impact is clear, and it will be challenging to have a war when only 1 side has consistent access to hits.

The future of Asteria looks rather bleak at this moment. In the coming month, if what we are currently seeing holds true, I fully expect to see Asteria hegemony come to an abrupt end. USA will once again face a decision - do we fight or run. When Code first invaded we fought then changed sides. When Asteria invaded, we fought then changed sides.

This time, it sure would be nice if we didn’t tuck tail and run. I promise it will not be easy, and I would encourage everyone to expect the worst. Asteria at this moment is hurt, and upset but some will stay and the game has always ebbed and flowed. In many ways the game is best when it does. If we stick with them through thick and thin we may just find ourselves full members of Asteria proper.

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