Y.B.A.S. / new B.A.S. Presentation.

Day 4,842, 05:07 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Ministry of eBe Education

The B.I.E.S.D. begins to change its face and it does so with some more incentive for our soldiers.
We have opened our workshops, discussed with our mechanics and aeronautical engineers and we have planned to dedicate a specific program to our young aviators and make the existing program more appetizing.

We are therefore pleased to introduce Y.B.A.S. and B.A.S. to you:

Both programs will be active from next Tuesday 23 February, when the relevant articles for subscriptions to the programs will be published.
Until that time, B.A.S. it will remain active under current conditions.

We sincerely thank Lugburz90 for his enormous contribution in supporting the programs.

Jarabe de Patu

Minister of Education

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