[eRep test] Test if is possible to publish an article

Day 4,842, 04:26 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eWorld,

This is a test if eRep new article publishing is possible..

Second try after some things got back to normal.. Day 4,842 Feb 21 04:25

We repeat.. this is only a test 😃

This is only a test of the emergency broadcast system
This is a product of hysterical mass confusion
A ship of fools adrift on the sea of our pollution
Rudderless and powerless on the sea of our delusion
And we're all alone hoping one day someone will save us from ourselves
Secretly knowing that as far as we can tell
The world has a hungry parasite that's called the human race
And we're powerless to stop it we're resigned to our own fate
And no one cares-and no one cares
This is only a test of the emergency broadcasr system
This is a result of our own reckless ambition
The castles we have built have all become our prisons
Trapped by our arrogance and the weight of our indifference

The positive, the negative, the ground.
The proton, the neutron, the electron.
The ying, the yang, the young.
The sun, the moon, the star.
The man, the woman, the child.
The plaintiff, the defendant, the judgement.
The father, the sun, the holy spirit.
The past, the present, the future.

Original mix - https://youtu.be/0VVNk6grQZM

Yours truly,
Trying to find a single thing that works as expected after something that looks like a data cleanup due to the exploit that was used for 4 months,
Rabbit of Caerbannog / Iva_pozitiva