Warfare analysis

Day 4,841, 03:27 Published in Croatia Croatia by Romper 3

Hello, im about to make warfare analysis from before helloween 2019 to mid february 2020.

A time when CODE exploded within few months, a time when Greeks went to boycott beacuase something was ''fishy'' a time when Turks stopped buying packs.

Lets get to the point, every single battle of Serbs, Fyroms and Bulgarians was just a system exploit.

Last night when all cheaters (auto farmers) got banned (obvious reason, they should be banned long time ago.) Serbian Fylol Bulgarian tears flew all over erep, and thats when they started to talk about things they really shouldnt, it would be smarter to actually try and hide that huge fraud.

Shisharka admitted they used it - https://prnt.sc/101s18w

Old7 admitted - https://prnt.sc/101tbx7

Kudra admitted they used it for 4 months, he admitted fylol and djani used it, together with UAE and aleksandra, at the time they were gettin x9times more dmg, pp and cc and 100+ people used it - https://prnt.sc/101s4ul

Owner of Serbian Air server admitted it - https://prnt.sc/101s6ln

Explanation - If you use x5 when you are in deploy your deploy literally lasts for the duration of x5 (10 minutes) and you make atleast 20b with just 50 candies. (Something like that... you need to cancell something or whatever, i do not know for sure because noone actually explained how it worked)

Banned bots and autofarmers are not the problem here!!

Guys that exploited system for 4 months are the problem that have to be fixed NOW, because better NOW than NEVER

It was just a fraud where they wanted one side to cheat so another side can use real money to nulify that dmg, something gotta be done about it, because owner of erep is about to know for this fraud, and it is just first step.

Admins either FULL refund one side for whatever they spent in 2019, or they started banning assteria players, starting with Alex.L, TheShunta, Shisharka, Djani, Old7 and whoever used that exploit

Starting with this battle.

All top players on serbian side in each round, air and ground used that exploit.

Best part is they were still loosing!!


Alex.L https://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1660717
He doesnt hide it, he showed a screenshot where he did with one single deploy over 30m air dmg(do not know how.) https://prnt.sc/1027oja

Sir Mort - https://prnt.sc/1025ogb

Panda monium - https://prnt.sc/101zaqs

fyroms - https://prnt.sc/1023rqx

and many more, lets summarize it, they started using system exploit when code was sweeping floor with them, they were tanking for free, gettin cc for free, gettin tokens for free, buying packs for free.. And most importantly they emptied us while they were actually earning candies from weakly...

Check Alex.L screenshot, 12k exp 30m + air dmg with only 50 candies..

It is ridicilous, assteria never won, they just cheated all the way to the ''victory''

It is a fraud, and if admins knew for it they are in big trouble.

Its not only deception to make me spend more money, but its also a malicious devaluation of my investment.

One thing is sure stillfront wont like this.