[CP] National Strike / MU Competition Sunday

Day 4,834, 03:39 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

National Strike / MU Competition

As I'm sure everyone is aware, it's Valentine's Day weekend, so naturally eRepublik is running an event to encourage us all to spread love and happiness to those around us by granting us extra rewards for killing people on the battlefield.

In support of this, and to encourage everyone to take full advantage of all the goodies on offer, we'll be running a National Strike tomorrow (Sunday) at around 5 PM GMT (the exact time will depend on when we have a winnable air battle available). In addition to providing supplies to all eUK fighters at that time, we'll also be running a friendly MU competition.

How it will work

Once it becomes clear which air round will best line up with our intended strike time, an MoD article will be published announcing it. At that time, supplies of 300 Q5 food will be made available to all eUK citizens who request them through either:
• Commenting on the aforementioned article
• Responding to a National Feed shout
• Asking on our Telegram Group
• PMing me directly in-game
We will also attempt to keep the "Love" button pressed down for most of the round, to maximise the benefits of fighting there.

Damage done during the round indicated will be tracked, and the top three MUs will be awarded the following prizes:
• First place will receive 25k CC and more importantly bragging rights until the next time we do this
• Second place will receive 15k CC and the right to tell everyone else how close they came to winning
• Third place will receive 10k CC

Depending on interest levels, we may make this a regular event.

Training War Changes

While our training wars have generally been running smoothly over the last month or so, we are making a few changes to improve stability and make more efficient use of our regions.

Firstly, Romania will be switching from a full rotational TW to a ping pong war between East of England and London. This will free up a couple of our eastern regions to ensure we can keep a constant border with all our TW partners, and improve our control over when battles kick off - no more waiting for enough supporters to sign up for a Resistance War, we just click the button when the time comes.

Secondly, UAE will be moving to East Midlands to engage in a second ping pong war with South East of England. This will ensure we keep the same number of battles per day in our eastern regions as we used to have with Romania's rotational war.

Finally, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed an incoming air strike proposal from Italy - this is because we'll be welcoming Italy to take over the rotational war in our western regions (Wales, West Midlands, South West of England). They have also agreed to host us in their regions in return when the time comes to bring Ukraine to the UK for a return TW.

We expect the net result of this to be that we have the same number of battles per day, but with better control and more resiliency if a battle does go pear shaped.

With these changes in mind, PLEASE pay extra special attention to orders over the next few days as we manoeuvre everyone into position.

Cabinet Change

With our original Minister of Foreign Affairs presumably collapsing from exhaustion due to the incredible effort he put in over the first month, the decision has been made to bring Frixios of the Clyde in to give the ministry a much needed boost of fresh energy. With him at the helm we will be looking to build a coherent and long term foreign affairs strategy that will see the country through the dark days to come when I am no longer president.

Welcome to the team Frixios! No pressure, but if we're not the leading nation in one of the top alliances by the end of the year it will be your fault.