[Q 4 U] eRepublik - Connecting people ;)

Day 4,832, 13:02 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eWorld,

While making smth to feed myself, I noticed one interesting shout by Lord Oli 😉

So this made me wonder how are your eNumbers going 🙂

eRepublik - Connecting people

So I would ask you to put a comment (when you find a second or two), and write this 2 info:

1 - When is your eRepublik B-day?

2 - How many eFriends do you have on your eFriends list?

For those who would like to answer more questions, here are a few more 😛

3 - In your years here, which additional apps/services did you use to communicate with other players?

4 - Did you ever meet another player(s) in person? And how many approximately if Yes?

5 - Where do you live (country and city), and what is your favorite drink?
(this is for the future, when we will be free to move around and travel.. as I plan a series of meetups after this Cory times 😃 So be afraid, be very afraid 😃)

Ok, enough for now 😃
Time to eat 😃
Thank you in advance for your answers and comments 😉

P.S. For me, this game is amazing among other things cos it brought so many interesting ppl into my life.. and I traveled a lot in my 2+ years here, learned new languages, and also a lot about human nature.. In my opinion, is the biggest social experiment I have ever been a part of.. and I am happy I discovered it just when I needed that (not even knowing I need it 😃)

And please don't forget - People here are the most valuable 'thing' that game has to offer 😉

Update: Also, this is one of my first articles.. Where I asked another question.. What does eRepublik mean to you? 😉

Yours truly,
Still fluffy, hungry, and still smiling,
Rabbit of Caerbannog / Iva_pozitiva