[UKRP] Monthly Quiz!

Day 4,823, 07:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Frixios of the Clyde

Welcome one and all!

Whilst we are all languishing in the hellscape of the third lockdown and the winter, the community of the eUK should entertain.

I may, perhaps not be the best person to do this, but alas, here goes.

Once a month, a monthly quiz!

Each month will have a theme, and from thine own bank account, a 10 gold prize for the person who wins! How Generous!

This months theme will be the year of 2020 in the UK, and potentially beyond. As to make sure the answers are hidden, DM me with your responses, and add me in case you win.

1. Which political advisor tested his eyesight to much public outcry?

2. What was the name of the man who got famous for walking?

3. What teams won the Scottish Premier League and the English Premier League?

4. What song was resurgent after the Scottish National Teams qualification to the 2020 (2021) European Championship and who sings it?

5. What did Donald Trump say had replaced his blood after he defeated Covid?

6. What time and day of the week did the UK clap for the NHS?

7. How many times has Boris Johnson had to self isolate?

I couldn't think of anymore questions. But if you enjoyed the quiz - join UKRP, we have old people.

Frixios of the Clyde