eUK Holdings Relocation Programme

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The eUK has 12 regions, which is great for hosting training wars with allies while offering citizens fantastic domestic opportunity to produce and sell products/raw materials.

However it is important to let new citizens know which our economic regions are - those that are safe to establish holdings in as the Government ensures continuous production in them.

We also need to support the relocation of existing domestic food and weapons production companies from holdings in our “training war zone” to holdings in our “economic zone”.

This Government support pending Congressional approval comes in the form of the...

eUK Holdings Relocation Programme

*Economic Zone Regions - Yorkshire & Humberside, Scotland and North East of England
*Training War Zone Regions - South East of England, South West of England, London, East of England, East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales, North West of England and Northern Ireland

eUK Holdings Relocation Programme FORM

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