[CP] Scotland and War Games

Day 4,820, 02:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

I've learned a lesson this month - the perfect time for a CP article never comes around because there's always something that's just about to fall into place. Too many times I've thought "if I just hold off another day or two I can add this topic to it".

With that in mind, this is going to be a shorter update addressing a couple of current developments.


As everyone is probably aware, last week our friends from Iran were subjected to a second RW in Scotland and due to the high determination there were unable to retain it. We greatly appreciate their presence in Scotland over the last four or five months, they have shown themselves to be a good friend to the UK.

Following this unfortunate event, we received an offer from another old friend, Lithuania, to occupy Scotland in their place and provide us with similar production bonuses. We have happily agreed to take them up on their offer, and we're currently working with Bulgaria to manoeuver them into place. At time of writing, Bulgaria are on the brink of taking Scotland, at which point Lithuania will attack there and move in. This is to minimise the time that we have a country we're at war with in Scotland, which would of course prevent production in the region.

In summary, UK productivity should soon be back up to full efficiency. Thank you Lithuania and Bulgaria for working with us to make this happen, and thank you Iran for the months of stability and support you provided us!

Aviator War Games

We have received an intriguing invitation to join a series of weekly war games for our aviators. The basic idea would be that every Sunday at 12:00 eRep time (8 PM GMT) all the nations involved would engage in a strike in a specific air battle. The nations would be ranked separately on most damage and most participants, and there would be awards for the winners of each category. The countries we'd be competing against would all be around the same level in air damage as us to keep things fair. There would be an entry fee of 50k CC from each country, which would be used fund the prizes.

I believe this would be a great test for us to see how well we can coordinate our damage, and could also be a lot of fun. The rules as presented to us are below. I welcome comments below on whether we should take up this invitation - if there's enough interest I'll go ahead and sign us up.

Every nation invited is within a range of similar air damage which makes us all ideal competitors for one another.

Every Sunday night around 12:00 eRep time, countries will mutually strike together in chosen battles that require the mobilisation of your aviators.

There will be two forms of awards.

1. Most damage dealt by a country in chosen air battle.
2. Most soldiers showed up fighting.

In order to fund the awards, each country must contribute 50,000 cc. The prizes will be the accumulation of the entry fees split equally into each award category.

In order to prevent solo aviators tanking and consistently winning each week for air damage, the following rules will be in effect:

- If you win most damage in week 1, the next week you get a reduction of your soldiers average damage. This reduction will be removed for the third week.
Example: Ireland has 2 aviators, One does 10,000 damage while one does 100,000. Ireland wins the highest damage dealt. This means in the following week, Ireland receives a deduction of 55,000. The more fighters brought by said country will reduce the winning nations reduction in the following week.

- No country can win both categories in a single week. If this outcome occurs, the nation will default as winning the highest damage award and the nation with the second highest number of pilots will in turn be crowned the victor of this category.