Week 1 - Swiss' Diary

Day 4,819, 13:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Scott Swiss
Diary Entry 1 - Week 1

Overview -

Today, I joined the New World. I live in Oxford, where the Romanian Army are training. A confusing world this is indeed. However, I will endure to learn the circumstances that have lead to this and game mechanics that lead to this being possible. I have been offered a job with a very nice salary where I work for a certain Mr Huey George who seems very nice indeed. I am also training to become an adult hopefully within the next few days. The Royal Air Force seem to be recruiting pilots in a new scheme, which I hope to take advantage of at some point. As such I have been fighting in air battles to level up.

The Political Section -

Politics are a passion of mine, so Keithunder seems to be a very interesting person in this regard as leader of the Unity Party. "The Big Flame" has been a great resource to learn about the current situation. My boss, and leader of the Workers Rights Party, Mr Huey George also seems to be a major player in Congress and his newspaper "The Daily eWorker" is another great resource. I look forward to see how things play out in the Presidental Election on Day 4826.

About Me -

I am Scott Swiss, or simply Swiss - Level 11 - Rank: Private - Rank: Senior Airman - No Political Party