[eRep Update] Deploy option - demistified :)

Day 4,815, 09:22 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eWorld,

This article is intended for all of those who maybe didn't still have a chance to use Deploy mode here on eRepublik, as I recently heard that there are still some of you who didn't try it out.

As you probably already noticed, from 8th of February 2021 (D4829) Plato decided to leave only 1 option for fighting - and that is Deploy mode.

How to use Deploy mode?

Easy 🙂
You have few options on the Deploy pop-up window. You can:
1. Use the slide to determine how much of your energy you want to use
2. Write down manually to the box on the right
3. Use Max button (to use max amount of Energy bars / candies / carrots etc, with a not that there is a system limitation to 50 per Deploy)
4. Use Food button to fight only with your energy (and not energy bars)

Max option

Food only option

How to shoot with wep or without wep?

If you shoot in ground or air, and you have some wep on your warehouse - your deploy will automatically switch to shooting with biggest Q of the wep you have.
You can easily change wep or select first box - to shoot without wep 😉
(which I advise in EPIC battles for example 😉)

Thank you @Srnica for the ss 😉

How to get Bazooka parts now?

Answer to this question I don't have.. 🙁
We could get bazooka parts only when using manual Fight mode, not in the Deploy as well.. maybe this will also change on 8th of February.. We will see..

How to make certain amount of kills?

Those who hunt Freedom Fighter, Mercenary, and need to be careful when making kills for Daily Orders - is not so difficult as well 😉

You can see the Estimated number of kills that will be made with the energy you decided to spend (this information is noted between damage and time needed for deployment to finish with the energy amount you selected)

Note: 750 energy will give 25 kills (Air battle, no wep used). Approximately 😉


Yours truly,
Still fluffy and smiling 😉

Rabbit of Caerbannog