Life after one week in eAustralia

Day 4,814, 22:38 Published in Australia Australia by pep_369
As the title reflects, I would like to talk a bit about what I see about the country on the game, and how we could grow it together.

The main reason I came here is because it's a great place to produce, specifically food, the country has great bonuses and it's perfect to grow quick on that specific aspect of the game.
One of the most interesting things is that after I spoke to some Congress members from different countries before deciding where to move, I found a really good friendly and willing to help mood from the people here. What I wanted besides moving all my factories to this place, is to be able to become a citizen, since in that way, a person can really take action and get involved with what's going on politically in the country.

From my point of view, what can be improved is that the people managing the country should guide a little bit more to the fellow citizens and war partners about which wars are the country winning, or where should the people focus all the attack to not waste all the energy on unnecessary places.
I'm looking forward to help as little as I can to make this place better, because I see great future on it and a very helpful community that shouldn't be wasted.
Thanks for reading, this is my first look about how I see the country after one week of being here, I'll try to keep update of what I see on the upcoming future. Let's try to make a better eAustralia for living and growing!