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Day 4,812, 09:47 Published in Switzerland Ireland by Sethesin

T'was the 16th of October 2020, the day I arrived back in eSwitzerland. I made a promise I wouldn't get involved in politics and it's a promise I've kept. This nation doesn't need a half hearted, vainglorious politician, this country is running very smoothly thanks to the tireless efforts of her diligent populous and wisdom of her old guard patriots.

As a low strength Div 4 player who doesn't pay to play I don't think this game has anything left to offer me, nor I to the game. Interviewing players was, at least for the most part, a political means to an end, that's not to say I didn't enjoy each new perspective at the time. The eRep community is strongest when it's honest and I'm proud to have conversed openly with some of the games most interesting characters.

I've found another platform for writing and having eRepublik essentially steal your work, leaving you no option to delete articles after a set period of time, well ara sure t'is not a great motivator and how could it be? It's intellectual theft, plain and simple. Don't post anything here unless you don't mind your words held hostage.

Alright so, I've bent your ear long enough and this soppy rant is probably gloomier than it need be, probably the January blues tingeing my sentiment so to those who are familiar to me through this game I wish you all the best. I just don't see the point in playing anymore. I don't mean to garner attention with this article for vanity or pity, I just thought it prudent to bid yiz a fond farewell rather than leave you with an Irish goodbye.

I've the use of a computer for the day, my original one along with it's many images, notes, short stories, poems, screenplay drafts, song stems *ugh* all got smashed while my house was being renovated.

You can find old music I've already published here: https://soundcloud.com/antoblanko

I've sent 100,000cc to eSwitzerland's worthy Minister of Education chris jonadicus.

My last competitions winner returned half of his prize money to continue community works so you'll have ol' Uncle Rican to thank, not me

Myself and Cat Sith are working on a Youtube project that requires voice actors, graphic designers, artists, musicians, editors/proof readers etc. If you're interested in contributing or know anyone that would be join us here: https://discord.gg/pBxjS45qW2

So long, so long

🇮🇪 Sethesin 🇨🇭