Malfeasance of Office is a High Crime

Day 4,812, 09:13 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Malfeasence has consequences

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”
Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Anyone who thinks that it is acceptable for a government official to target an individual and his entire political party with unproven (and false) accusations, and a libelous smear campaign, all from the bully pulpit of a government office is complicit in the crime.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that, “a man dies when he does not stand up for that which is right.” He would also say, “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

I invite any and all to argue against these ideals, because if they are wrong, then we all should remain silent, and I should retract the remainder of my article.

But if they are right - and they are - then not only am I obligated to publish this article, but there is an burden on all of you who read it to take action also.

Dominar Rygel II is guilty of malfeasance of office.
Dominar Rygel II is guilty of libel.

And Dominar Rygel II was enabled to do this by the current administration, whose terms in office have otherwise been quite good.

So it is my unfortunate position that I will oppose any future campaign for Country President by Chickensguys and/or anyone else who equips Dominar Rygel II with the formal power of an office that is supposed to be filled by a public servant. Dominar Rygel II is no public servant, he is a self-serving, partisan wonk with a vendetta against certain citizens - myself included - based on historical grudges.

I therefore provide the following justification for the claims I have made above.

Malfeasance of Office
There is only so much reaching into real life one can do in this game to make a point. So rather than quote some legal definition about malfeasance, I will instead appeal to common sense. The real life definitions certainly fit the bill, but since we lack a court system and any other means to “prove” malfeasance, our best bet is to simply seek agreement on the question.

Malfeasance is a word used to describe wrongful activity, especially by a person with authority. Let’s examine Dominar Rygel II’s activity as Homeland Security Czar (“DHS”).

The objective of DHS is to protect the sovereignty of the eUS Political system from any threat that would undermine its lawful course. (Note: DHS is not charged with upholding eRepublik Terms of Service, it is charged with protecting the Constitution and Code of the meta-eUSA.) The department was formed years ago so that the executive would have someone of an official capacity to coordinate actions against individuals and parties whose stated goals were in opposition to the policies set forth by both Congress and the Executive. There have been a few valid arguments against the very existence of this office, centered around the potential for abuse through over-politicization/partisanship. But in the end, the office has survived because when there is a legitimate threat to soveriegnty, DHS can be crucial.

Dominar Rygel II has provided us with a textbook case for what a Homeland Security Czar should not do. I happen to be the one in the crosshairs of this example, but I can hope that I would be publishing this same article if it were someone else.

The feud between Dominar Rygel II and myself probably goes back a decade. I say this because it is my belief that Dominar Rygel II is Ajay Bruno. My reasons for this conviction have to do with PM’s I have that were sent by Ronald Gipper Reagan and Dominar Rygel II. These PM’s contained such strange similitude that the likelihood of them coming from different pens is miniscule. It’s not technically enough to prove anything, but it was revelation enough. I am firmly convinced. I could actually say more to support my thesis, but that is not what this article is about.

Even if Dominar Rygel II is not Ajay Bruno, it is undeniable that he has identified me as his personal #1 enemy. He has targeted me in numerous articles, he shouts about me interminably, on multiple platforms, he has raised multiple pieces of legislation in effort to blacklist me, and he does not hide his destain.

Dominar Rygel II has utter contempt for Gnilraps.

Would anyone argue that point?

His DHS campaign against me, which has endured across multiple terms of office, would therefore need to be clearly justified in order to be deemed legitimate. If not justified, the logical conclusion is that it is a personal vendetta. And that, if true, is malfeasance of office.

So let me answer the question: Am I a threat to the soveriegnty of eUSA?

Hell no, I am not.

I have fully dedicated myself over a decade of ingame experience to the following:

Supporting eUSA militarily through my own damage and by helping as many other citizens as I can to increase their damage output for pro-eUSA causes.

Supporting the eUS Constitution as a multi-term Congressman, having myself authored much legislation throughout the years that is now part of the Constitution and Code, having served as Party President of The Federalist Party, The United States Workers Party, We The People (one of the parties I created), The Constitution Party, and The E Pluribus Unum Party. I have served as Country President multiple times, including twice during my detour as Krapis, I have published many tutorials to help new (and old) citizens improve their interaction with the game mechanics, I have served as Vice President, Secretary of State, National Security Counselor, Secretary of Media, Speaker of the House, and several other official posts, and I have done so with distinction and honor. I am currently ranked #3 in our nation’s list of “True Patriots”, according to Plato’s rankings. I have donated BILLIONS of my personal resources to other eUS Citizens, given THOUSANDS of hours to sending educational PM’s, and have put 100% of my effort into making eUSA the best it can possibly be in a game that is generally dominated by Balkan countries. I have done this because it’s fun, and because I am relentlessly competitive.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think there’s good reason to say that I am a cultural, societal, military, and political asset to the eUSA.

I’m not claiming to be the greatest. I’m claiming to be useful.

And I am not a threat to eUSA.

What I am is a threat to those who seek to selfishly retain power for their personal agenda rather than the good of eUSA. I am a threat to Dominar Rygel II himself.

And because of that, he has weaponized his Office as Homeland Security Czar against me personally and my party generally.

His entire case against me is built on his proposed idea that I will use bots to displace one of the parties that is currently in the Top 5.

Let’s examine his case.

First of all, there is nothing inherently threatening to eUSA about displacing any of the parties in the current Top 5, unless the party that is displacing them is itself an anti-eUSA party intent on subverting the Constitution. The 506 is not. I invite you to peruse its membership. You will see more multi-term Presidents, Vice Presidents, MoFA’s, SoH’s, and so on. So unless Dominar Rygel II can make the case that everyone else in 506 has drunk some kind of anti-eUSA KoolAid, he has no case against The 506 as a legitimate player on the political spectrum. Go ahead, Dominar Rygel II, take on Deepchill’s reputation, Carlos3562’s reputation, Ubuntu21’s reputation, Trekker Tlumac’s reputation, Super Nova’s reputation, Ronald R.’s reputation, Aersidius’s reputation, and besmirch the brand new reputation of LoganBeary whose time in this game is only just beginning. I dare you.

Second of all, there is no evidence whatsoever that The 506 is populated by bots. None. Whatsoever. It would, in fact, be easier to argue that there are fewer bots in 506 than in any one of the Top 5 parties. But that’s not the point. The point is that The 506 is not being propped up by bots. So unless Dominar Rygel II can produce evidence of 506-run bots in 506, he has no case against 506 as a bot-propped-threat.

Third of all, there is absolutely no reason to believe that I (or anyone for that matter) would suddenly use bots to vote in elections. I have never used a bot to vote in any election ever. I will never use a bot to vote in any election ever. Anyone who uses a bot to vote in an election is a reckless risktaker. I strongly oppose the use of bots in voting. So unless Dominar Rygel II can produce evidence that I either have in the past or plan in the future to use bots to vote in an election, he has no case against me and/or 506 as a voter-fraud threat.

In other words, Dominar Rygel II has no actual case in fact. Those who voted in favor of his recent legislation either did so because of unjustified fear whipped up by DHS, or because they, too, just don’t like me. Congresspeople can vote however they want, though, so go nuts.

In summary:
Dominar Rygel II has led a campaign using his title as DHS to enact laws which have no evidentiary basis, and to manipulate public opinion falsely against me. Dominar Rygel II is guilty of malfeasance of office.

Libel is generally understood as the publication of false information that harms the reputation of an individual.

I have already stated my reasons that the claims made by Dominar Rygel II are false.

I am not stuffing The 506 with bots.
I am not PTOing eUSA.
I am not attempting to undermine the Constitution and Code of eUSA.
I am not planning to use bots to vote in any election ever.
Dominar Rygel II has provided no evidence in support of his claims. They are hearsay.

So the first half of the “libel” question is satisfied. He has publicized lies about me. But have they harmed my reputation?

Yes they have.

Since the recent campaign against me has begun, I have been contacted by 5 citizens with whom I have not had previous contact. Actually, I have been contacted by more than 5, but I want to focus on these 5 in particular.

These 5 citizens have contacted me because they are worried that I am a threat to eUSA.

I have been contacted by 5 citizens with whom I have not had previous interactions, because they believed the lies that were publicized by Dominar Rygel II.

So the current DHS Czar, comical though he may appear, is in fact harming my reputation in this game among citizens in eUSA.

Dominar Rygel II is guilty of libel. His claims are false and they have harmed my reputation.

Why I am withdrawing my support from Chickensguys
Up until now, I have been fairly impressed with the current Country President. I have said so publicly.

But when the DHS smear campaign began to spiral out of control, I asked the Country President, in the presence of his top Cabinet officials, to remove Dominar Rygel II from his office.

I wrote,
“I am once again being personally singled out by a member of the current cabinet who is DEFINITELY publishing libel and using his government title to do so.

I am asking that he be removed from his official position. I don't care what he says, except that he is abusing his government office.

Thank you,

My request did not even merit a reply.

I therefore state with a fair amount of confidence that the current administration is not interested in me, in an entire (and legitimate) Political Party, nor even that the affairs of government are conducted by its public servants in a civil manner.

Dear readers, those who have endured this lengthy diatribe, we are in the presence of an injustice carried out by one of our own public officials. Do something about it. Demand the censure and removal of Dominar Rygel II for his abuse of public trust, his manipulative behavior towards Congress, his libelous campaign against a citizen of eUSA, and his partisan malfeasance of office.

Don’t do it because you dislike Dominar Rygel II. Do it because injustice is its own cause for action. Do it for the sake of the rule of law.

Do it for yourself.

You may now reactivate your AF.