[Update]: eUSA Executive Demotion, Political Party changes

Day 4,810, 17:44 Published in USA USA by Carlos3652

Hello everyone,

I figured I should write an article because it seems everyone is doing it and I have a couple things I wanted to address:

1. eUSA Executive Demotion.

At this time, the current CG Administration has asked me to step down from my MoFA title.

I want to say thank you to CG for allowing me to serve as his MoFA up until this point and hope the in house Foreign Affairs decisions that the executive team decides to make continue to bring fruitful progress down the path we set. I am hopeful that I can return to work as eUSA MoFA at some point in the near future as I feel I still have a lot to offer at the international and executive level.

2. 506

First, I want to say thank you to the United States Workers Party for everything they have done for me. It was a privilege to be part of that group, and I really do like everyone in the Party . I am finishing out my term as Congressman for USWP this month, but will then take a break from Congress for a bit. (Please note any incentives / goodies given to USWP members on a weekly basis will continue even when gone)

I decided to join the 506 Leadership since EZC is my home and I am on the leadership team there. I am excited about this new journey, regardless if the 506 becomes a T5 party or not, I think it will be a fun ride with the people I fight with and for every day. This new chapter in my life will bring new challenges but I think it will worth it.

3. Gnilraps.

He does not deserve the vitrol that is being thrown his way. He has done and continues to do so much for eUSA and EZC (and USWP) throughout the years and for this game. I ask for the HATE to stop. I don't think it is too much to ask. It is time to stop villinizing him and I call on the Executive Cabinet to start lowering the nasty, hateful rhetoric that comes out on the National Feed / Media. We want unity and cooperation in Congress and as eUSA so that we can move forward, and we cant even practice what we preach.

Thanks for reading and hope to serve the eUSA as best I can through my MU and my new party.